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Angela Matarise/Curator
Tibor Foeldes (*1957)
Conceptual Artist/photographer
lives and works in Zurich/Switzerland
Study of Architecture, Design and Set Design for Film in Pressburg and Budapest
The beginnings of Tibor Foeldes’s photographic work are in analog black and white
photography. Having grown behind the Red side of the Iron Curtain, the possession
of a photographic apparatus in the Slovakian town was a privilege. The black and white
photography fascinates him in its complexity to this day. It focuses the attention of the
artist on the essential and the essence and he worked out in his own development laboratory.
Long perspectives, intense shadows and reduced color are the most important forms of
expression in his artistic work. The longing of the artist is wide, empty landscapes in which
he totally got washed in, coming from another world. Objects created by human hands place
a counterpoint or fit homogeneously into the landscape. Endless lines in architecture ending
in the nowhere, hovering, creating an easiness, give his photography peace in an urban
environment. He move between the interfaces of analog and digital photography. The artistic
position is supposed to be opposed to the digital mass photography.
In the digital processing of the photographic material, the photographic subject is not
processed and altered, the material is retained in its original form. The artist is particularly
interested in using the potential of the photography for the transformation and discovering
and designing new images of reality. At the same time, it transforms reality into a new image
of the reality.
Foeldes digital photo work is a dynamic process, which he continue to work on using new
knowledge. They serve to underline the main picture in an overall context. His artistic work
is about perception and emotions and their expression. The work process proceed intuitively
and the photography is characterized by his subjective vision. The recognition of his personal
attitude should be clearly recognizable.